Thursday, May 28, 2009

Many New Updates!!

I want to apologize for not updating about 2 weeks ago, but it seems like things have been busy here and the blog seems to take last place.

Trinity is doing really good. She got her brace 2 weeks ago at Shriners and she has been doing pretty good with it. She definitely has her times when she gets upset and irritated with it, but we have been trying to give her breaks throughout the day so she don't end up hating it. She has to wear it on the outside of her clothes or we have to put a onezie on under it, to make sure to protect her skin. Before the TLSO Trinity got hot real easy and now with this it is about 10 times worse. But we will figure something out for the summer to help keep her cool.

She has also been seen by the eye doctor recently. Trinity had many different tests done to her eyes and they basically came up with that she has issues with being cross eyed. This is probably due to the pressure that was put on her brain causing the muscles of the eyes to have pressure put on them. So for the next 4 months we are going to do eye patches everyday, for 2 hours, alternating eyes. She really don't seem to mind this and we usually do it during her most awake times. She will be seen again in September where they will decide on whether or not to correct the crossing by going in and straightening out the muscles of the eye. She don't show a need for glasses right now, but that is something will check on after the crossing has been fixed. We really have to focus on the eye problem, because when kids are cross eyed they will begin to choose one eye over the other, and then stop using that eye at all, which can make the eye go blind. So we really don't want that.

We were suppose to have an MRI done yesterday, but because Trinity has a really bad cold they felt it would be too risky to put her under for that long, so we had to reschedule. I was really looking forward to this MRI so we could see how the brainstem was looking and to look at the spinal cord and see if there was any tethering. But I guess we will have to wait until the 17th.

We really enjoyed our month of May. We got to go back to Iowa for Mother's Day and some graduation parties. This last week Shannon took the girls back to Iowa for a little vacation and I went to Laguna Beach, California with two of my girlfriends, Amanda and Caprice. We had a great time and it was so relaxing!!

There are many prayers needed all around. At night Shannon and I pray with the girls and it seems like we are always adding someone new to our prayer list. Please add the following people to your prayers: LeAnn Hasley, Arvin DeCook, Mike Lind, Trinity (her nasty cold), all the kids that are sick with an illness inside the hospitals, and my friend Amanda's sister-in-law Heather. I am sure there are more, so if you need prayer or no of someone that does, please comment on this post I will be sure to add them. That is what I love about this blog, everytime I put a need on here I know someone is going to help in praying for it! Thanks to all of you that take them time to pray for those in need.

Have a great week and I promise I will start updating more!!
**I will also be posting some new pics of Trinity real soon!!

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Scoliosis & TLSO

Last Tuesday we went to Shriners to have Trinity seen by the Orthopedic Surgeon. Before he seen her he had an x-ray taken to look at Trinity's hips and her scoliosis. He found that her scoliosis had gone from a 38 degree curvature to 46 degrees. With that being said he felt that it was necessary to put Trinity in a TLSO (abdominal brace) to prevent the curvature from getting any worse. She will wear the brace everyday except when she eats and sleeps. The brace will have to be worn until she is old enough to do surgery and put rods in to help straighten out the curvature. The surgery would probably be done sometime in her early teens, unless the curvature gets worse and then they would look at doing something else which would involve a surgery every 6 months. So we are hoping that this works and keeps it from getting any worse. She will get her brace next Wednesday at Shriners. I took some pictures of them forming her for the brace. I will try to put them on later this week or next week when I post some with her new brace.

This will be a hard transition for Trinity and the family. I look at what all she has gone through so far and I know that this will probably be minor in HER eyes! I am so grateful that the brace will be of no cost to us because we are having it done at Shriners. It takes such a burden off of our shoulders when we know that we don't have to worry about the expense of the brace, especially since she will need one everytime she grows out of the old one.

Trinity's PT also brought over a new high chair that will work with her chair from Shriners. This way she can sit at the table with us while we eat and she can play at the table. She really enjoys this!

PRAISE: Trinity has not vomited in over a week!!! We are praying that the problem has been fixed or maybe God (the GREAT physician) performed a miracle!