Wednesday, August 10, 2011


We are having a great summer so far! We made our first trip to the beach a few weeks ago and the kids had a lot of fun! Trinity did great in the water and had so much fun army crawling on the beach. School will be here before we know it. I can't believe I will have a kindergartner and a preschooler! I am having a hard time with it. :(
A few weeks ago we were in Iowa and had an appointment with an orthopedic surgeon at the University of Iowa, Dr. Weinstein. We didn't learn anything knew regarding Trinity's scoliosis. He feels that there is no doubt that she needs the surgery and that it needs to be done soon. He said that he feels that we are in good care here and that there should be no reason a surgeon up here couldn't do the surgery. He don't feel it is necessary to do the surgery in Iowa, especially with all the follow up care that she will need and the risks is infection and her body rejecting the rods. He agrees that the brace is doing no good, but that she would definitely need to wear it for about 2 months after surgery to keep her back straight.
We are still really struggling with this surgery and the surgeons. We want the best for Trinity and making these decisions can be so hard on the both of us. The biggest hangup is Trinity's size and her age. This is not a common surgery for her age and her size. She don't have much fat on her body.
As for now surgery is scheduled for September 29th. The surgery can take anywhere between 5-6 hours, but if they have to go through the abdomen and the back it could take 9-10 hours. I don't even like to think about it. I have given this to the Lord and we are trusting in Him to guide and direct our decisions.
On Thursday we see her Urologist. This will be an interesting visit considering that Trinity has had numerous UTI's in the last 2 months. Hopefully they won't want to do anything sugically soon, but surgery has been brought up before.