Saturday, April 28, 2012

Spinal Rod Lengthening

I can't believe it's already been 6 months since Trinity's last surgery. So now it's time for her first rod lengthening. It's scheduled for this Wednesday, May 2nd @ 10:30 with an MRI following. This should be a pretty simple surgery with an OR time of 2 hrs and the MRI taking about an hour. She will need to be in the hospital overnight and has a day full of appointments on Thursday. This past Thursday Trinity had her appointment with Dr. Ward, her PM & R(Physical Medical & Rehab)doctor at Gillette. We've had a lot of issues with her left leg in the last few months. It will get stuck, be tight and hard to move and bend. Dr. Ward is concerned that it could mean tethered cord again. This is a surgery she had back in December 2009. It's usually not common for them to need a repeat untethering surgery done, only 10-20%, but when has Trinity ever fit in the top percentile?!? we will know more for sure on Wednesday after they do the MRI of the spine. My prayer is that it's not a tethered cord and that it's something that can be fixed without surgery. This week was our "Special Angel" Will's 5th birthday. I'm sure he had a great celebration in Heaven! His mom, Rebecca, mailed us some pictures of him and some with Trinity and him together. Trinity wanted them in her room and looks at them often. He has a special place in her heart and I know without a doubt that he's watching over her. With every scary thing she will face he will be there holding her left hand as Jesus holds her right!