Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Trinity is not feeling very well these past few days. Yesterday we had to take her in because she was running a fever of 104 and was shaking. I was so worried that it was her shunt, but I guess Tonsillitis is better then a shunt malfunction. They put her on some medicine and hopefully it will be gone and she can be her happy self again. She also has some spots on her that look like spider bites, but the doctor thinks that it is boils or staff?? I need to do some research on this, but they were concerned because it can be harmful to her with her shunt, so we are doing a cream twice an day and hoping that it goes away soon.

Shannon and I could use some prayers as we have some decisions to make for Trinity and her sleep apnea. We took her to an ENT doctor in hopes that it would just be her adenoids and we could get them removed and that would help, but unfortunately her adenoids are not the BIG problem. They would like to go ahead and remove them and her tonsils and see if it helps, but there are some risks. Because Trinity vomits so much it could cause her to bleed more then usual and cause a problem for healing. Her sleep apnea is pretty severe and they would like to get something figured out to help her breath better when sleeping and to also help with her respiratory issues. We just don't want to put Trinity through any more trauma if we don't have to. Please pray that we make the best decision!

Things are going good here. Trinity is enjoying the loaner wheelchair that we got from the school. We hope to get hers in a couple months! She also got to visit the school last week and play with some fun things like a smart board. She loved it!!! Mom is not ready for this next step, but I know the day is coming :(

Saturday, October 2, 2010

21 Pounds!!!

Could it be real?? Yes it is!! Trinity has finally, after almost 2 years, gained weight and weighs more then she has ever weighed!!! This is very exciting news and reassures us why we went ahead with the feeding tube. Although she still vomits she is gaining weight and that's great news! Now all we need to do is figure out why she still has vomiting issues, but hopefully that will be figured out soon.

I will admit I am getting pretty bad about updating on the blog, so please be patient with me as life keeps getting busier.

Trinity is doing really good. She continues to get her feedings at night through her g-tube and takes a bottle during the day. We are doing a lot more time in her TLSO and getting her back in her stander after not spending that much time in it this summer. Trinity got a loaner wheelchair from the school until we get her own in a few months. Our most challenging thing right now is trying to get her used to the mask she needs to wear when hooked up to a c-pap machine. She's scared to death of it, but hopefully with time we can get her used to it. She has to go see an ENT in a couple weeks to look at her atnoids. They think they might be enlarged and may need removed. This could play a role in her breathing at night while she is sleeping and could help reduce the amount she would need through her c-pap machine. She had a physical therapy evaluation done on Thursday and it went pretty good. She will be getting more therapy through Gillette hopefully in the next month.

Last weekend Aubree had the privilege of being a very beautiful flower girl in Kayla (Jansen) and Scott Kelly's wedding. It was a beautiful wedding and feel very blessed to have been a part of such an amazing day for such a wonderful couple. Aubree has talked about it all week and I think we will hear about it for a long time!