Monday, October 20, 2014

Walk-n-Roll 2014

On Saturday our family and friends participated in the Spina Bifida Association of Iowa's Walk-n-Roll. We had such a great time! Team Trinity had 36 people there to walk and show their support for Trinity. The walk is to make awareness for Spina Bifida and to also raise money to support families that are affected by it. I will admit it was pretty cold, but I would say everyone still had a great time! Trinity rode in her Action Trackchair and got a lot of compliments. It was a great opportunity for Shannon and I to share how the Trackchair has benefited Trinity. Below are some pictures from the day. Team Trinity raised $1235.00!!!

Thank you to all that came and also financially supported Team Trinity!!! We look forward to doing this again next year!!

Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Summer in Review

I can't believe in 2 weeks the kids will be headed back to school, time has flown by these past 3 months. We have had a great summer, enjoying more time with our family, now that we are closer. This week the kids and I are headed to Minnesota for some doctor appointments and to spend some time with our friends. To say we are excited is an understatement! I can't believe it has been almost 4 months since we have been there. Looking forward to some Caribou Coffee, time with friends and to attend a worship service at Westwood. The kids are excited to spend some time with their friends. God richly blessed us while we were in Minnesota with such wonderful people. I remember thinking while living there that it never felt like home, but now heading back I think it was definitely home to us!

The kids have spent a lot of time at the local aquatic center and it has been wonderful for Trinity. She wheels right into the water with no obstacles. I love watching her at the pool, so independent! Trinity also cut 8 inches off her hair to donate. We've had some visitors from Alaska, Northern Iowa and Minnesota. In a week we will camp with my parents at the Iowa State Fair and I'm sure we will indulge in some very fattening food! That will basically end our summer before school starts.

Thursday and Friday, Trinity has some appointments at Gillette. They will check her back (growing rod) and she has some tests for urology. She's had a lot more frequent UTI's, so praying that we find some answers.

Here are some photos to recap our summer, hope you have enjoyed your summer too!!

Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Welcome Home!

I can say that we are pretty much settled into our new home! It's been almost 4 weeks since we left our friends and home in Minnesota (time goes by so fast). It was definitely a hard move for me as I left some great friends and a wonderful church, but knowing this was all God's plan made it so much easier.

Upon arriving at our new home, the sellers had left us a welcome sign on the front of the house and a beautiful bouquet of flowers on the countertop! I'm in love with my new house, but what makes me the happiest is seeing the joy that Trinity expresses as she wheels around the house with freedom and no obstacles. She comes in and out of the house as she pleases and wheels from one end of the house to the other end (all by herself!). God has truly blessed us with a home that fits the needs of Trinity.

The girls started school just 2 days after we moved into our house. They are loving it and making some great friends! We also got to Pella just in time for Tulip Time. If you have never been to Tulip Time you should really come experience sometime. Most of the tulips were up and bloomed and although the weather was chilly on Thursday and Friday, it was gorgeous on Saturday. Both the girls were in the parades and they each were also on a float. Trinity got to ride on the future Tulip Queen float. She was in heaven!!! She was smiling from ear to ear! I wish I could have video taped her when the float passed by!

Thank you for all the prayers as we made the transition to our new home and a new school for the girls!

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Spring is Here!!

I might be jinxing myself with the title of this blog, especially since we had snow on the last day of April last year! Oh well, it's gorgeous outside and my kids are playing, laughing and getting dirty!!

Last week Trinity had her spinal growing rod lengthened, phenol injections in her legs and her g-j tube exchanged. It was a very busy day for Trinity. She did great! Unfortunately this time Trinity had significant pain. Usually we don't need to use narcotics to control her pain, but this time she needed them for 2 days. By the third day we were able to use Advil. Luckily this all happened while the girls were on spring break, so she didn't have to miss any school and my mom was here to help.

With all this craziness, we are getting ready to move in a week! I can hardly believe it is already here and this new chapter in our life is going to start. We have bought a home and close on it on April 21st!! We are so excited to move into this beautiful home. God heard our prayers and answered them. The home we will move into is all one level with no stairs for Trinity to be challenged with. It also has a bathroom that is handicap accessible. How amazing is that?!? Did God provide for us our what?!? The couple that we are buying the house from happens to be a physical therapist that Trinity had when we were in Iowa, between moving from Michigan to Minnesota. She seen my post on Facebook about us moving and asking for prayer as we searched for the right house. Her and her family had made the decision to move to Missouri, but weren't thinking of putting their house on the market until late spring, but when she seen my post she felt lead to reach out to me about their home. It could not be a more perfect fit for our family and what's even better is that it has been filled with love by someone we know!! God is good!!!

We also have been busy getting all of Trinity's appointments in before we move, going through our belongings and getting rid of things and getting together with our friends to say our final goodbyes. We have made some amazing friendships in Minnesota and it will be hard to say goodbye. With all the joys of moving, there will also be a lot of tears. So if you see me over the next two weeks and I look like I have swollen eyes, just give me grace!!

Prayers would be appreciated as we make this transition. Especially as the girls start in a new school for only a month before summer break starts.

The next time you see us on the blog our zip code will be 50219!!!

**Trinity with her teachers and staff**

Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Obstacles and New Adventures!

Many times we look at obstacles in life and miss the blessing behind them! Today God put an obstacle in our way and for a moment it seemed like a big inconvenience, but after taking time in prayer and seeing past the "inconvenience" God showed us what a blessing the obstacle was. See Trinity was suppose to have surgery to lengthen her growing rod today, but upon arrival they discovered that Trinity had broken her tibia and fibula on her left leg. Surgery was then postponed, because the swelling in her leg lead them to believe there may be some infection. If the surgeon would have went ahead with surgery he could have put her at risk for infection to travel to her spine. See that obstacle was a way of protecting His child! Unfortunately, Trinity will be in a cast again, but she's got such great spirits! As for the surgery, it will be sometime the first part of April. (will keep you posted)

And to new adventures... We are moving to Iowa!!! Have you ever heard of Tulip Time, where the tulips bring many visitors the first part of May? Well we will have the pleasure of living in that beautiful town, Pella. Shannon's last day at work in Minnesota is on April 18th. We are still up in the air on when the moving van will be here to load our stuff, but we are trusting that God is working out all the details. There are many mixed emotions with the move. We are leaving many friends, a great school district, an amazing church and many memories. I will have the pleasure of still making trips up to the cities, since we will be keeping some of our care at Gillette. Please keep our family in your prayers as we make this transition.

"Those who know Your name trust in You, for You, O Lord, do not abandon those who search for You." Psalm 9:10

Friday, February 21, 2014

Happy "6" Birthday, Trinity!!

Happy Birthday to my beautiful princess, Trinity!!

(Trinity in NICU @ Royal Oak)

I can't believe how fast 6 years has gone! Everyday she shows me what the true definition of strength and courage is.

"Thank you, Lord, for making me her mom! Through Trinity you have shown me how to lean on you in the good and the bad and how to trust you with such a precious gift. You have humbled me and brought me to my knees. Even when the enemy wants to wear me down and cause me to question things, the Holy Spirit awakens me and lets me meditate on your works and consider what your hands have done. You have created a masterpiece in Trinity, from her beautiful smile to her caring heart. I smile knowing that I'm the lucky one, that gets to wakeup daily and experience the incredible blessing of being a mom!! Amen"

I love you Trinity Sue!!

Thursday, January 30, 2014

Cast is off!!

Trinity had an appointment this morning for an x-ray on her leg. The bone is doing exactly what they wanted, growing calcium around the broken bone. (see picture below) So to much surprise, the doctor decided to take the cast off and put her in a knee immobilizer for 3 weeks. Trinity was so excited to get the cast off and asked them to throw that yucky thing away!! Praying that it continues to heal correctly. She's such a fighter!!

Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Better Than a Fairytale

I always dreamed of what my life would look like when I was older; I would be married, kids, great career and living somewhere fabulous (warmer than -15)! We always think we have control of our destiny in life, but how mistaken we are. We plan, write out our lists, our goals and then there are those roadblocks that happen. The ones that we get angry about and don't understand what happened. The times that we question God and become angry with Him for our circumstances. You all know those times I'm talking about. I have had many times like this. But there is always one that sticks out in my head the most, the day we found out about Trinity.

I remember feeling anxious about the ultrasound, but a good anxious. Shannon and I hadn't decided yet if we were going to find out the gender, so I remember when the tech asked us if we wanted to know we both looked at each other and decided, no. But then what happened next felt unusual. The tech became quiet and soon asked us to join the doctor in the other room. This seemed very unusual since we were only there for an ultrasound and not a checkup. Once the doctor came in, he seemed very worried and anxious. He told us they seen something on the ultrasound, but to be safe he wanted us to go have a high risk ultrasound done the next day. I remember feeling confused, but wasn't too concerned. The next day we went and had our ultrasound. The tech called in the doctor and as he was looking at the screen he said these words, "I'm sorry, your child has Spina Bifida.". I remember feeling numb and then both Shannon and I looked at him completely confused and said, "What?". He thought that my OB had told us what they had seen the day before. He felt horrible and in that moment my body went numb and I felt sick to my stomach. We had never heard of Spina Bifida and didn't know anything about it. I will say that day changed our lives forever. This was the beginning of many doctor appointments, meetings and non-stress tests. One meeting that turns my stomach, was being asked if we were going to abort our pregnancy because of the prognosis we had gotten. That was never a thought or an option for Shannon and I, but for some people that option is the only thing that seems easiest.

We look at these moments as if our world is crumbling. We feel like we are sinking and reaching for something to save us. That moment for me, God became my lifesaver. And ever since He holds me and strengthens me.
What trial in life are you facing right now, but seem to be reaching for all the wrong things? Is your lifesaver God, or are you grasping for the things of this world to save you?

The sermon at our church on Sunday was fantastic!! Pastor Brian talked a lot about "Living Full". The verse came from John 10:10 NIV, "The thief comes only to steal and kill and destroy; I have come that they may have life, and have it to the full."

He gave us 6 things to show us what it looks like to "Live Full": *A Joy that spills (notify your face!), *Embodied Certainty (God wins!), *Bigger than our circumstances (Live full, fully in your circumstances!), *Aware and humble about your humanity, *Never at the expense of another person (put yourself 2nd), *Surrender to Christ!!
Are you living a joy that is specific to your faith? Are your circumstances bigger than your faith?

At this time, 6 years ago, my circumstance almost had the opportunity to steal my joy, but I'm incredibly thankful I didn't let it. Because of that circumstance, I now have the most beautiful blessing, that teaches me daily that my joys in life do not come from the things of this world, but they come only from my faith in Jesus Christ!!

**If you would love to hear the whole sermon you can go to

Thursday, January 16, 2014

New Name "Framed Faith"

Some of you may have noticed the changes to the blog. I'm not very smart when it comes to this kind of thing, but after having the blog for almost 6 years and a title, "babygirlarthur", I thought it was only appropriate, with Trinity soon turning 6, to make some changes.
Why "Framed Faith"? This Christmas I received a book from my best friend, Camie. The book is called "The Simple Joys of Motherhood". I spent some time last night reading through some of the pages and a page that stood out to me was "Framed Faith". One of the verses on the page was from Psalm 9: 1-2,
"I will give thanks to you, Lord, with all my heart; I will tell of all your wonderful deeds. I will be glad and rejoice in you; I will sing the praises of your name, O Most High."
The part of this verse that stuck with me was, "I will tell of all your wonderful deeds." Since starting this blog all we have ever wanted was to make sure God gets ALL the glory for the things in our lives and Trinity's. Some of my most treasured pictures are framed! We frame them because we want them displayed and to keep them from getting ruined or destroyed. I treasure my faith and want to frame it! My faith keeps my eyes focused on Him and not the storms of this life that want to take me down with them. My faith gives me: joy, love, hope, peace, grace, forgiveness, strength and an eternal home in Heaven! Shannon and I have been asked at least a dozen times how we stay so strong through all that Trinity has been through. The answer is God and God alone!! He is the only reason I am able to get my head off the pillow in the morning and function through the day. He gives me strength in my weakness and joy in my sorrow!
We will keep using this blog to inform you of things happening in Trinity's life and ours, but also to share our deep love for The Lord! We love your comments, but most importantly we love your prayers!
Just remember one thing as your read this blog, I am not a writer and composition was not one of my strong suits in college, so please don't criticize my grammar!! :-)
"Just as angels are attracted to the light of joy and kindness,
so too, are miracles attracted to the lamp of faith and love."
-Mary Augustine

Saturday, January 4, 2014

New Year!!

Happy New Year!! We are staying warm here in the frozen tundra, with expected temperatures on Monday of -20. The Governor of Minnesota declared all schools be closed on Monday, so the kids are pretty disappointed to not be going back.

Trinity had an accident while we were in Iowa last week. When we have her out of her wheelchair we carry her like you would a baby around your waist. The driveway was covered with snow and had ice underneath. We slipped on the ice and landed on Trinity's left leg. There was no doubt it was broken. So we headed to the closest Children's hospital. They confirmed it was broken and decided the best option for Trinity was to cast the whole leg. We had also called Dr. Walker, her Ortho at Gillette, to confirm that he felt this was the best option for her. He agreed with the treatment. She will be in the cast for 6 weeks and she will see Dr. Walker a couple times for x-rays in that 6 week time to make sure it is healing correctly. Not exactly how we wanted to end our stay in Iowa, but we are thankful it wasn't any worse.

We will keep you updated on how the healing is going!