Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Prayers Needed!!

Trinity could really use your prayers. She's vomited everyday since December 21st. Some days she vomits once and others it can be 2-3 times. It usually occurs when she's in bed or when we get her out of bed in the morning. Yesterday they did an MRI and Tapped her Shunt. They found nothing. Which I guess we should look at as a positive thing, but it still leaves us with the question of what is going on. Trinity has vomiting issues anyways, but never this frequent. They also did a urine culture and found nothing. So if any of you have kids with similar issues, PLEASE COMMENT and give us some advice. I feel like we have tried everything on our end and we are still not seeing any improvement. If you also have any good suggestions for GI doctors or any suggestions at all PLEASE COMMENT!!! We are frustrated. No one seems to be able to give us any answers. Prayers would also be very much appreciated! God is the Great Physician and can still provide a miracle.

Her back is healing great! She goes back to the doctor on February 13 for an x-ray and checkup with the Orthopedic surgeon. She's also having some bladder tests done in February also.

Trinity is glad to be back to school. She loves being with all her friends and teachers. We had an IEP meeting and they had nothing but great things to say about her. It is nice to hear some positive things for once, instead of negative.