Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Spring is Here!!

I might be jinxing myself with the title of this blog, especially since we had snow on the last day of April last year! Oh well, it's gorgeous outside and my kids are playing, laughing and getting dirty!!

Last week Trinity had her spinal growing rod lengthened, phenol injections in her legs and her g-j tube exchanged. It was a very busy day for Trinity. She did great! Unfortunately this time Trinity had significant pain. Usually we don't need to use narcotics to control her pain, but this time she needed them for 2 days. By the third day we were able to use Advil. Luckily this all happened while the girls were on spring break, so she didn't have to miss any school and my mom was here to help.

With all this craziness, we are getting ready to move in a week! I can hardly believe it is already here and this new chapter in our life is going to start. We have bought a home and close on it on April 21st!! We are so excited to move into this beautiful home. God heard our prayers and answered them. The home we will move into is all one level with no stairs for Trinity to be challenged with. It also has a bathroom that is handicap accessible. How amazing is that?!? Did God provide for us our what?!? The couple that we are buying the house from happens to be a physical therapist that Trinity had when we were in Iowa, between moving from Michigan to Minnesota. She seen my post on Facebook about us moving and asking for prayer as we searched for the right house. Her and her family had made the decision to move to Missouri, but weren't thinking of putting their house on the market until late spring, but when she seen my post she felt lead to reach out to me about their home. It could not be a more perfect fit for our family and what's even better is that it has been filled with love by someone we know!! God is good!!!

We also have been busy getting all of Trinity's appointments in before we move, going through our belongings and getting rid of things and getting together with our friends to say our final goodbyes. We have made some amazing friendships in Minnesota and it will be hard to say goodbye. With all the joys of moving, there will also be a lot of tears. So if you see me over the next two weeks and I look like I have swollen eyes, just give me grace!!

Prayers would be appreciated as we make this transition. Especially as the girls start in a new school for only a month before summer break starts.

The next time you see us on the blog our zip code will be 50219!!!

**Trinity with her teachers and staff**