Saturday, December 11, 2010

Changes @ the Arthur Household

Wow has it been a long time since the last post. We have had a lot of changes here and not just for Trinity. Unfortunately as I write this we are getting over a foot of snow, blah, and blizzard like conditions. Not really what I wanted to do on my Saturday, but I guess since we are stuck inside I should take the time to update all of you.

We got some unexpected news about 2 1/2 months ago and have needed some time to adjust to the news and what it means for our family. Aubree and Trinity will have a new sister/brother in May! We thought we were done having kids, but God decided differently. It has been a hard thing to adjust to, but the girls are really excited and I am finally starting to feel better. We have already had one ultrasound and they felt everything was looking good so far. We should have another one in a few weeks and hopefully find out what we will be having.

Trinity has had some exiting things and some not so exciting things happen lately. On Friday she got her new wheelchair that she can officially call her own! This is very exciting for her and gives her so much mobility. It really makes her look like a big girl. Another good note is that a few weeks ago she had her eye appointment and her eyes look great! They said she has 20/60 vision, which is great and her alignment is looking really good. The only issue that she has is her scanning, but that is because of her Chiari and just something we have to work with her on.

We took her to Gillette to see a Pediatric Specialist in hopes to get some answers for her eating, how her g-tube site looks, and with the winter months coming we worry about pneumonia's. She seen Dr. Faville, which was one of the doctors she seen when she had her g-tube placed. He took some time with Trinity and I as we talked through a number of things. He also tried burning some of the granulation tissue that has formed around the outside of her g-tube site. This will be something we will have to do at home about once a week in hopes that it will get rid of it and the green mucus that is also forming. They are going to schedule a visit to see a pulmanologist to discuss her lungs and talk about some preventative things that we can do for Trinity this winter. They would like to do a PH-Probe and also fill her stomach up with milk and a dye in hopes that when she vomits they will track where it is going and if it is traveling into her lungs. We were hoping to get this done sooner then later, but we are having a hard time getting in. We also won't be able to see the dentist at Gillette until February, which is a lot longer then I wanted to wait, but I guess you just get what you can get and hope there will be some cancellations.

Overall Trinity is doing really well. She is having her regular therapy sessions for speech, physical, and occupational, three times a week. We are talking about starting preschool next fall, but the mama is having a hard time thinking of that! We are ready for Christmas here and excited to go back to Iowa to see everyone!
We hope you all have a Very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!!!
Love, The Arthur's

Changes in the Arthur Household!