Thursday, September 5, 2013


Is this really happening? Trinity is in Kindergarten? Where does time go?

Trinity started Kindergarten yesterday and LOVED IT!! She's only doing half-day kindergarten to start out with and eventually we will transition into full-day. I'm so proud of her, she got on the bus all by herself and didn't shed one tear. Mom on the other hand had a hard time saying goodbye, but I saved the emotions for after she left. She came home exhausted and ready for a nap, she actually requested a nap! She told me her favorite part of the day was seeing Aubree on the playground and watching her swing! I love that she has such a great relationship with her big sister. God has richly blessed me with some amazing kids!!

As Shannon and I were putting Trinity to bed last night, we both sat in awe at where time has gone. I never thought 5 years ago we would be putting Trinity on a school bus all by herself and going to kindergarten! God hears our prayers and answers in His timing, not ours. That is something I have learned many times over the years. Thankful that God has equipped Trinity and blessed her with amazing teachers and a school to attend. About a year ago you could hardly understand Trinity's speech, but today most people that interact with her can carry on a full conversation and understand what she is saying! School is good for Trinity and gives her a chance to have some social time with other kids. We are very thankful!

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Summer 2013

We have had a great summer this year!! I wanted to share a few highlights from Trinity's summer with you. I have to apologize, I post so much on Facebook that I forget that we have people that follow on the blog and they don't have Facebook. So some of you never get to see pictures that I post or the updates from surgeries. I promise I'm going to do a much better job of posting on here now that I have a reliable computer to use!!

Since I'm not smart when it comes to blogging and I can't figure out how to caption the pictures, I'm going to have to tell you down here!

1. Trinity was a special guest at the memorial for Will. We had the privilege of seeing Will's new gravestone and it is so beautiful!! She really misses her special friend, but we talk often about the day she will get to see him again in Heaven!!

2. We spent as much time as we could, before Trinity's surgery, at the beach!! Trinity loves playing in the sand and seeing how far she can scoot out in the water!

3. Daddy got a new boat and Trinity loves to fishing on it!! Daddy even bought her a new fishing pole that is lightweight.

4. Daddy even lets her drive sometimes!!

5. Trew and Trinity enjoying some fishing time with the family!!

6. We got to go to the State Fair in Iowa. The kids had so much fun camping in Papa and Nana's camper!!

7. Trinity was a champ again during this last surgery!! God has blessed us with such a strong little girl. She was discharged the same day of surgery and recovered like a champ.

Hope all of you enjoyed your summer as much as we did!!