Thursday, May 24, 2012

Tethered Spine

So about two weeks ago I had this long post typed out and ready to post on here, just FYI God did not gift me with the ability to write beautiful things so when I write a post it takes me forever and I have to read it over and over until it is perfect. Well after perfecting my post it vanished and was NO where to be found. I got frustrated and have not returned to the blog until today. So I apologize for the delay in getting this post wrote. Trinity's first lengthening went great with no problems. She also had a MRI done to look for a tethered cord which they found. This has been causing some issues with her legs and is showing some spasticity in the left leg. They are not 100% sure this is what is causing the problems. So on June 20th they will be untethering her spinal cord. She had this same surgery back in December of 2009. It's not real common to have to do this surgery more than once, but they think that with the spinal rod and the lengthening this will continue to happen until she gets a spinal fusion done. So we are looking at a untethering surgery at least every one-two years until she gets the fusion done. Trinity has been in a Special Needs T-Ball league. It has been such a joy to watch her play and the field that she plays on is designed just for these kids. I wish everyone could watch these kids play. It's so humbling and inspiring to see the joy these kids get when they hit the ball, the crowds cheer and when they reach home plate the crowd goes wild!!