Monday, February 21, 2011

Happy "3rd" Birthday Trinity!!

Wow, has it really been three years since God blessed us with the most amazing miracle? We have thought back a lot lately to what all has happened in the last three years with Trinity and it feels like a roller coaster ride! We are so blessed to have such an amazing little girl that through everything she has encountered shows so much strength and determination. We are so lucky that God chose us to be her parents!
Thanks for all the prayers through the last three years. Although things continue to go on in Trinity's life and prayers are still very needed, we feel very blessed to have our family and friends always supporting us in prayer!

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Crazy Busy!!

It seems like 2011 has already been crazy busy for us! Trinity has had a few appointments lately. She had a Urology appointment last week that showed some spots on her bladder. They went ahead and started treating her for a UTI, which was confirmed on Monday that she had. On Wednesday she had a Brohnoscopy, Cystoscopy, and a Endoscopy. We are waiting for some biopsies to get back on the Edoscopy and the Brohnoscopy, hopefully we will know something on Tuesday or Wednesday. It did show that her esophagus is very irritated and that could be a cause of a number of things. They promised us that we would not walk away from this without some answers, so I hope that is the truth! The Cystoscopy showed that Trinity's bladder and her sphincter are working against eachother and making it so she don't empty all the way. They would like us to start doing catheters 4x's a day. This was a big disappointment, just because we have always looked at this as being the one thing that was going good for Trinity, but I guess it was bound to happen. They are also going to work on some different ways we can get Trinity to get oxygen at night, since we still have not had any success of her wearing the mask. They want to start machine at night also to see how low her oxygen is going, especially when she is sick with a cold. We are really blessed so far this winter that Trinity has only been sick twice, which is a huge improvement from last year, so we really feel like what we are doing is working for her.

On Thursday we had an appointment with the Dentist at Gillette. Trinity freaked out and cried the whole time, but the little time that he did get in her mouth he didn't see any cavities or rotting teeth, which is great news! In June they are going to put her under and go in and do x-rays, scrape off the decay, and clean her teeth. He said that the brown spots on her teeth will come back because of her diet and vomiting, but they will try and clean them at least once a year. Her mouth is also overcrowded which is pretty common with Spina Bifida kids, so down the road she will have to have some teeth pulled to make some room in her mouth.

I have been feeling pretty good and we have been busy trying to decide on some names and what we are going to do with our room situation. Aubree thinks she is a big girl now and can go downstairs, mom is the one that struggles with it! Aubree has been doing really good in school and Trinity is really excited to start school in the fall.

It is nice to see the sunshine today and finally be up in the 30's. I can handle the snow, but this below 0 temps is getting really old!

We hope everyone has a great Valentine's Day!!!