Saturday, January 15, 2011

It's A Boy!!

On Monday we had our 20 week ultrasound. Because of Trinity's condition we had to have a level 2 ultrasound so they could make sure everything was good with this baby. I will admit it was a little nerve racking going in and waiting to hear good or bad news. The great thing is that the baby looks great and they don't see any signs that there are any problems. It is so amazing the things they can see on those ultrasounds, but I am so thankful for them! We also found out some exciting news, we are having a BOY!!! The girls are really excited and daddy is pretty excited too! My due date is still May 28th, but I will be having a c-section so he will probably come a little sooner then that. It was very refreshing to walk out of the clinic and feel relief for a healthy baby!

Trinity has also had a lot going on. She got her wheelchair and it is going very well for her. They have a few adjustments to make to it and we have to get a tray made, but other then that she's very happy with it!

On Dec. 23rd we seen a Pulmanologist @ Gillette. This was a great appointment and we felt like we are going to start getting some answers. The doctor spent over an hour with Trinity and discussed a lot of what happens on a daily basis for Trinity. He put her on Pulmicort twice a day through her nebulizer and also ordered a breathing machine for her that she is to do at naptime and bedtime. Unfortunately we have yet to get her to wear it, but everything is a work in progress. This should help with her sleep apnea and help open her lungs up and get some fresh air, in hopes it would decrease her pneumonia's. We are waiting to hear back from the hospital to get her in for a a couple night stay to do some testing on her stomach and lungs. With this stay they may look at doing a G-J tube. This would change her tube from going to her stomach and then to her small intestine and instead her tube would go straight to her intestine. This should help with some of the issues Trinity is having with vomiting. Shannon and I are a little leery of this because of how active Trinity is (in her chair, army crawling on the floor, etc...) and she would have to be hooked up to her feedings more throughout the day instead of just getting her overnight feeds. But whatever is the best for Trinity we want for her. I pray for the day that she can eat regular food and enjoy the tastes of things.

We enjoyed two weeks in Iowa with our families, but are glad to be home and get back into our daily routines. Trinity has her evaluation through the school on Tuesday and we will discuss what we will do for school come fall. She has made so much progress on her speech, but unless you spend a lot of time with her it can be difficult to understand. We are looking at an Ipad for her with a speech program, but we want to make sure it is the best thing for her first and that it will meet her needs to communicate with others.