Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Thank You!!!

All your prayers over the past 2 months have been heard and felt. Yesterday we made another trip to Gillette to have Trinity's back looked at and to have blood work done. Everything looks great! Trinity's back is healing after a week of doing a wet to dry method. Her blood work also looks great, all her levels are at a normal range. The plan moving forward is to continue to treat her open wound, twice a day, with vaseline over it and then covering it with a bandage. She will also be on IV antibiotics until Friday night and then they will switch to Bactrim for 4 weeks. She will have a checkup again in 4-5 weeks. The plan for her scoliosis is to check it every couple months with an x-ray and Dr. Walker is thinking 4-6 months until a new rod can be placed. Her back needs time to heal and we also need to make sure she's infection free.

This is all great news, especially after the past month of being in and out of the hospital. All your prayers and support has helped our family in so many ways. Thank you will never be enough to express our gratitude!

**Below is a picture of Trinity's back currently.

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