Friday, May 8, 2015

Plans Change

I guess we should know by now, God's plan always trumps ours!
Trinity went in today for surgery with the plan to close her back up, but the cultures from Wednesday grew a bacteria and Dr. Walker didn't feel comfortable closing it. So he cleaned it again, attached the wound van and ran more cultures. They also put a PIC line in, that way when she goes home we are able to do IV antibiotics for a few weeks.
The plastic surgeon also joined Walker in surgery to exam her again and see what his course of action will be when he closes the wound. He had previously thought he could use the muscle and tissue around it to close it up, but he's afraid if he does this it will stretch the skin to much and make it tight, giving the rod an opportunity to make it's way through the skin. So he will more than likely do a skin graph from her back thigh area to cover the wound. He's done this on a number of spinal cord and Spina Bifida patients in the past and feels this area works best, especially with the little feeling they have there.
Dr. Walker also shared his concerns with the rod. He's still not 100% sure the rod can be saved. So we still need prayers for that!
Trinity's very excited to see her siblings and dad tonight! That's all she has talked about in the past 24hrs. It will be good to see a smile on her face and a sense of normalcy. We are also blessed to have a Ronald McDonald room for the weekend, that way we don't have to leave the hospital.
Thanks again for the prayers, can't say it enough!

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Carly Brown said...

Praying for you, Trinity, and your whole family!
Love, Carly Brown