Thursday, May 7, 2015

Surgery on Friday

Just wanted to give everyone an update on Trinity.
Surgery is currently scheduled for 9am. The plan is still the same, to go in and close the back with the plastic surgeon. The cultures are not back, but I think the surgeons are pretty confident with the way the back looks with the wound vac, they should be able to close it. More than likely they will put a PIC-line in also for her to go home with, that way she can get IV antibiotics over the course of a couple weeks.
She's getting lots of rest today, which is good. Not sure why I can't find the time to close my eyes for awhile.
Thanks again for all the prayers. Please lift her and the doctors up tomorrow morning as they make decisions to close her wound.


Anonymous said...

Hi trinity I miss you. Do you miss me? Are class misses you too. When will you come back to school? I am going to say a special prayer for you tonight & every night. Your friend Riley Sterk

Andrea said...

Prayers for Trinity and wisdom for the doctors this morning! Praying for some sweet sleep for you Miranda! Love you!