Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Positve News!

Trinity is out of surgery and back up to the room. Dr. Walker opened the top incision up to check the rod and everything looked good. No signs of infection. He had cultures taken of both the upper and lower incisions, we will get the results for those sometime Friday. The lower opening looked better than it did Monday. It's improving and that is promising. He cleaned it out and attached the wound vac to it again. The plastic surgeon made his way into the OR and took a look at Trinity. If they cultures come back negative then on Friday they will close the wound by taking muscle and tissue from somewhere else and putting it where the wound is to get it closed. He's still not 100% sure that will be the plan, but it's what they have in mind now. The will also send her home with an IV so she can get infusions in Pella and not have to stay here to get antibiotics.
She's resting comfortably in her room. From here on out it is basically a waiting game to see what the culture shows. We are still not sure that the rod will be saved, but right now it looks promising! Your prayers are being heard and felt, and He is in action taking care of Trinity and those that are taking care of her. I have had so many people reach out to us, some we don't even know, that are praying for Trinity and the situation. Thank you so much for your prayers and support!!


Anonymous said...

Praise God! A great update. Still praying!

Connie Thingstad said...

May God continue to hold your hand as well as the doctors' hands.

Liz and Will Timmerman said...

I'm so sorry I'm coming late to the prayer train, but we are on it now! We are so sorry that you all are going through this and our heart aches for you. We are praying for strength for everyone involved, and peace of mind for which step to take next. All of our love to you - The Timmermans