Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Home Sweet Home!

It feels good to be home. To have Trinity smiling again with her brother and sister and to hear her laugh when they do something crazy. I haven't heard that laugh much in the past two weeks, so it's great to hear it again. Trinity is feeling pretty good. She's definitely not herself yet, but that's going to take some time. She's still having a lot of pain and discomfort, and gets tired pretty easy.

I have to admit as great as it is to be home, there were a lot of responsibilities that come with being home. On Saturday night, Shannon and I were taught how to do IV infusions for Trinity three times a day. It's not so nerve racking when we have to give them during the day, but the one in the night is challenging. To remember that the line can have no air in it, saline flush it before and after the antibiotic. But most importantly remember to keep everything sterile, because otherwise she will get an infection in her blood. It's a lot to remember when you are sleep deprived. She also came home with two drainage tubes. These have been a bit challenging, but mostly just in making sure they don't get pulled out. We go back next week for a follow-up appointment with the doctors and to have some lab work done. The IV infusions will last for four weeks, as long as the labs come back and show improvement, and the drainage tubes will come out next week at her appointment.

This weekend I found myself with a bad attitude and that is not where I want to be. My devotion this morning was on "Dealing With Change". Hmmm...I think I can relate with this one. We pray to God for success, but we resist the changes needed to get there. I was ready in so many ways to get home, but now that we are home there is a lot more responsibility than before I left. God knew that these changes were coming, so although I didn't recognize it at the time, He was preparing me and equipping me for these changes. In "all things", including things you don't like, God has a "purpose", and He's working for your "good". You'll look back and say, "If I hadn't gone through that, I wouldn't be experiencing the blessing of God I enjoy today." (some of this was taken from my devotion, "The Word For You Today")

Our family has been blessed in so many ways over these past two weeks! "Thank you" sometimes doesn't feel like enough, but I hope you all know how much we appreciate your prayers and acts of kindness. Please continue to remember Trinity in prayer for healing and also that her scoliosis.

Much Love!!

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icare said...

Love the picture here of Trinity, and the testimony of how you are growing and trusting God every step of the way. You have a beautiful spirit of love and grace! Please tell Trinity hello for us all at school. We miss her! And we will be praying for her to heal quickly and remain stabilized without infection and for her spine to remain stable. We will also lift up you and your family as you all "perservere" through this holding onto His strong grip every step of the way. Blessings! Jackie Van Wyk